Our Teachers

At Little Monsters, all our teachers aim to balance teaching important water safety skills with a fun and friendly approach.

Just like at child care centres or schools, instructor’s teaching styles vary to reflect their personalities. We have warm and fuzzy teachers, friendly and firm teachers, and old school strict teachers. We understand that sometimes the best outcomes are achieved when we match swimmers with a teacher whose style is similar to your parenting style. If you feel like your swimmer may benefit from a particular teaching style please contact us to let us know.

All swim teachers that work at Little Monsters Swim School have the nationally recognised AUSTSWIM qualification.

Annie is a friendly and supportive teacher that is always entertaining and laughs with her swimmers. She understands that swimming can be a challenging experience and spends time to ensure swimmers feel safe and supported.


Amanda has a warm approach to teaching. She is firm and experienced and patient when needed. She values the importance of building rapport and confidence before introducing more challenging activities.

Anna is a sensitive, warm and supportive teacher. She encourages swimmers to work at their own pace and learn through play and experimentation. Anna is passionate about education and always aims to create a positive experience.

Arthur is a fun, friendly and supportive teacher. He builds rapport with swimmers and encourages learning with playing games to help kids feel comfortable. He aims to focus on technique to ensure kids reach their full potential.

Cathy C is a warm, patient and gentle teacher. She is quietly spoken and empathetic. She charms swimmers with her smile is happy to progress with swimmers in their own time. Cathy works well with swimmers of all ages.

Dom is the owner of Little Monsters Swim School and has been teaching for many years. He is friendly yet challenging, demanding good technique from his swimmers. His direct teaching style often achieves great results with anxious kids.

Iris is a former competitive swimmer with many years experience teaching swimming.Iris balances each lesson with fun activities and good technical content. She is friendly, fun and firm when required.

Lisa is a primary school and swim teacher with many years of experience. Her positive approach to swim teaching helps children feel comfortable in the water. Lisa loves teaching  infants esp. Parents and babies classes.

ARE YOU professional, mature and fun? We are always looking to add  teachers to our team. For more info send us a message via the Contact page of this website.